Wooden It Be Nice

Opening Reception
January 6th, 6pm - 11pm


Wooden It Be Nice
Handcrafted Wood Quilt Tabletops

There is a strong connection between quilt block patterns and names and the lives of the quiltmakers. Patterns can signify home and family life, environment, religious beliefs, and political and national events. The wood quilts in Wooden It Be Nice are based upon traditional American quilt block patterns (with the exception of “Off the Mark” and “Step Ahead”). The names of the wood quilts are also the names the “original” quiltmakers gave their patterns, though it is common for the same pattern to have different names (e.g., “Weathervane” is also referred to as “Morning Star,” “Bear’s Paw” as “Autumn Leaf”) or different patterns to have the same name (e.g., several different patterns are referred to as “Old Maid’s Puzzle”).

The wood quilts were crafted using only manual woodworking tools. The wood was cut on a park bench in Golden Gate Park with a 12” backsaw and a 12” mitre box, and then glued together with clamps in an apartment. No power tools were used in the making of these quilts.

The quilts are comprised of anywhere between nine (“Off the Mark”) and sixty-five (“Bear’s Paw”) wood pieces. The wood – alder, birch, pine, poplar, and redwood – was selected for its natural color, as no paints or toned stains were applied to the wood pieces to achieve the colored patterns. An oil-based natural stain was used to enrich the natural color of the wood and a beeswax-based wood preserver was used to enhance the wood grain .


Price List

Nine-Patch 30
Shoo-Fly 50
Dutchman’s Puzzle 150
Flying Geese 175
Off the Mark 175
Old Maid’s Puzzle 175
Pinwheel 175
Step Ahead 200
Bear’s Paw 250
Friendship Star 250
Jacob’s Ladder 250
Picnic Parade 250
Rail Fence 250
Weathervane 250

The wood quilts in Wooden It Be Nice can be used as decorative wall hangings or can also be made into tables. If interested, please contact Andrew Hoff: