If you would like to submit your artwork for consideration, please send 5 to 10 images and/or a link to your website or portfolio to Include a CV, bio, or artist's statement along with a proposal for how you would like to work with Art Thieves.

If you are looking to do something "off the wall," i.e. performance, documentation, conceptual, or installation, a proposal would be greatly appreciated, as well as practical. It will help us understand what you want to do. Please be as specific as possible.

Peter Max Lawrence curator of Art Thieves, conducts periodic review sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to consider new work for exhibition in San Francisco's Thieves Tavern and Whiskey Thieves. All submissions may also be considered for future exhibitions at other venues. Although the curator attempts to reply to all submissions in a timely manner, sometimes this can be quite difficult. Do send a follow-up email if you have not heard from him three months after your submission.

Thank you.